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Detroit: Two countries…two skylines…one shot…

Two countries… two skylines… one shot… from Detroit! Just drive the MacArthur Bridge from Jefferson Avenue onto Belle Isle Park. It’s an island park that sits in the middle of the Detroit River.

Upon entering on the main one way road that circles the park, you’ll head towards the southwest and you’ll see to the right the Detroit skyline. The tallest building is the GM Renaissance Center. There you have the United States.

Look towards the left from the same vantage point and you got the Windsor, Ontario skyline. The white building, Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino, is what dominates. You have country number two, Canada!

Belle Isle Park - Detroit, Michigan

Belle Isle Park - Detroit, Michigan

At the tip you have nothing but the open water in front of you now too.

Belle Isle Park - Detroit, Michigan

Just lay down on the grass and soak in the flowers and the view.

Belle Isle Park - Detroit, Michigan

In all the photos, off in the distance is the Ambassador Bridge which connects the two cities and countries.

If your ever in Detroit or southwestern Ontario make sure to navigate to here. 🙂

Has anyone in their travels captured two skylines in one shot? What’s your favorite spot to just relax and chill with the open water in front of you?