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Photo of the Week: People Every Which Way in Chicago.

Another trip to Chicago, another trip to The Bean. It was extremely busy this time. I decided to capture everyone underneath taking pictures and interacting with it, with the countless reflections off the sculpture above. People are every which way in Chicago indeed.

The Bean, Cloud Gate, Chicago

Checkout my previous time at The Bean (Cloud Gate).

Chicago: The Agora Sculptures of Grant Park.

I was walking through the south end of Chicago’s Grant Park along Michigan Avenue on a warm, summer day when I came across all these headless and armless sculptures.

Chicago, Agora Sculptures, Grant Park

They all form the piece known as Agora which has sat at this location since 2006 on permanent loan from artist Magdalena Abakanowicz and the Polish Ministry of Culture. There are 106 9-foot sculptures to be exact, each made of cast iron.

Chicago, Agora Sculptures, Grant Park

I saw a lot of people walking around and in-between them. From afar they all look similar, but each is hand-carved and has its own unique characteristics.

Collectively they form what looks like a crowd of people. You’ll notice that some are pointing towards others, while others are pointed away. The word Agora in Greek means meeting place.

Chicago, Agora Sculptures, Grant Park

Its had mixed reviews, people either loving or hating it.

Chicago, Agora Sculptures, Grant Park

It was unique and fascinating to me. Walking through the park on this day, it got me thinking about what other sculptures in Chicago I should check out on that next stroll. ๐Ÿ™‚

What other outdoor sculptures would you recommend checking out in Chicago?

“The Bean” in Chicago.

When roaming around Chicago many things catch the eye, Lake Michigan, Wrigley Field and a good-looking deep-dish pizza to name a few. When your around Michigan Avenue and at Millennium Park you’ll immediate notice Cloud Gate, more well-known as “The Bean” due to its shape.

Cloud Gate, the Bean, Chicago

“The Bean” was constructed in 2006 by Anish Kapoor, made up of stainless steel plates, is three-stories high and weights 110 tons. It has gone through extensive polishing which has led to a seamless surface. It sits in AT&T Plaza within the park.

I was there in the early morning so it was quiet, but you’ll usually see a large crowd around it. There will be lot’s of cameras about. Kids will be running around and underneath it and even trying to climb it.

You can get all kinds of cool, distorted skyline photos off the reflection. Some great ones on a sunny day.

Cloud Gate, the Bean, Chicago

You can get pictures of yourself taking a picture of it. Who’s that guy haha?! ๐Ÿ™‚

Cloud Gate, the Bean, Chicago

In general it’s interesting how people interact with it photography wise. I’ve heard I need to check it out when there are clouds in the sky.

Cloud Gate, the Bean, Chicago

When you’re in the Windy City, add “The Bean” to your must do list. Have you seen it up close? What other things catch your eye in Chicago?