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Photo of the Week: Along the Queenstown Shore.

Found a small strip of beach just outside the town centre in Queenstown, New Zealand. Looking out into the turquoise Lake Wakatipu, with The Remarkables mountain range opposite.

Qyeenstown, New Zealand, Lake Wakatipu

Photo of the Week: An Arrow Valley View in New Zealand.

Was in-route from Queenstown to Wanaka on the South Island of New Zealand. Turned off State Highway 6 onto Crown Range Road to go via the Cardrona Pass. As soon as we exited the main highway we were going back and forth up the steep Crown Terrace. This shot is from up-top at a lookout point where you can see Arrowtown, Arrow Valley and off in the distance The Remarkables mountain range.

South Island, New Zealand

Tip: Keep chains in your vehicle in the winter months if your going to drive thru Cardrona Pass. Sometimes it’s even impassable. It’s the highest main road in New Zealand.

Video: Out on the Open Road in NZ.

Going through my New Zealand photos I found this snippet of video from out on the open road on the South Island.

No other vehicles to be found on this stretch of New Zealand State Highway 73 just south of the skiing areas of Porter Heights and Craigieburn. The road in its entirety connects Christchurch to the east, with Greymouth of the West Coast. It was during the summer, not to far from sunset, with beautiful blue skies overhead.

My Top Travel Memories.

Travel memories! The flood gates have opened, so many great memories flowing out from when I was a kid up until now. Thinking back about solo travel is great, but a lot of my top travel memories are from trips with family, friends and other loved ones.

I’m sharing the travel memories below as a part of team BLUE in the Lowcostholidays.com blogging competition. It’s a Blogging Relay themed after the Olympics where one blogger posts and passes the baton onto another who posts, etc. Follow the hashtags #BloggerRelay and #teamBLUE on Twitter. There are prizes involved too including an iPad 2, a digital SLR camera and walking boots.

Thank you to Dave and Deb from The Planet D for passing the baton on to me and to team captain Christina of Jandal Road for including me on the team. Well here we go!

My Top Travel Memories

Gold: The South Island of New Zealand Road Trip.

The gold medal or favorite travel memory has to go to New Zealand. No words can describe it. It’s just beautiful all around. I had the chance to really see it up close during one week of road tripping around the South Island. Starting and ending in Christchurch, my brother and I stopped at Lake Tekapo, Mount Cook, Queenstown, Franz Glacier, Lake Hawea and Wanaka just to name a few. Down below is a shot from our time at Lake Wanaka. If you look closely you can notice a faint rainbow. 🙂

Lake Wanaka - Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand

We saw the continuous change of the landscape as we drove going through the countryside, mountains, rainforest and prairie. We stayed in hostels, slept in the car, cooked Ramen type noodles on the side of road with a portable burner, devoured Fergburgers and frites with aioli, downed one V Energy after another, stared out into the Tasman Sea, met people from all over the world and helped to get a hitchhiker from A to B. Lot’s of great memories and experiences that I will remember forever, even more so because I experienced it all with my brother.

Fergburger, Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand

Silver: California Beach towning it in Capitola.

Lot’s of family time growing up in the scenic, coastal California beach town of Capitola off the Pacific Coast Highway in-between San Francisco and Monterey. Every stop there brought the same memories: grabbing ice cream at Souza’s, a slice of pizza at Pizza My Heart, hanging out in Mr. Toot’s Coffeehouse and relaxing at the beach and checking out all the miniature Mediterranean houses. I remember building lot’s of sand castles and digging holes in the beach and all of us having fun playing in the ocean waters.

Pacific Ocean from Capitola Beach in California

Bronze: Winery Hopping in the North Georgia Mountains.

I’ve gone to various wineries several times in North Georgia wine country, but one trip up there sticks out. It was a year ago with my immediate family and my girlfriend. 🙂 The first quality time we really all spent together. We went to my favorite winery, Montaluce Winery & Estates as well as Wolf Mountain Vineyards. They all got a chance to get to know her as well she did them while experiencing great wines, cheeses, breads and scenery. Having great views of the grapes, the end of Appalachia and all the greenery made for a perfect setting and great memories. Photo from the balcony at Wolf Mountain Vineyards.

Wolf Mountain Winery - North Georgia Wine Country

The above are some great travel memories that I will always cherish. It’s time to pass on the baton, the torch if you will, for some more. It’s on to you:

Mark of Migrationology

Go Team Blue!

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Please reach out to team captain Christina of Jandal Road if your interested in joining team BLUE and sharing your favorite travel memories.

Christchurch: Up-top the Cathedral.

It’s been over a year since the February 2011 earthquake claimed lives, destroyed many homes and businesses and caused extensive damage in the heart of Christchurch, the CBD and to the famous Christchurch Cathedral. 😦

I shared some pics of the Christchurch Cathedral that I took a week before the quake in New Zealand: The Christchurch Cathedral. Down below are some pics of my time up-top the Cathedral in the stone bell tower (spire).

A look to the south. You can see Cashmere and Port Hills and other mountains and hills off in the distance.

Christchurch, New Zealand - Cathedral views

Straight ahead is Worcester Street and points west. In the bottom left where the umbrellas are you can see a market in the heart of Cathedral Square.

Christchurch, New Zealand - Cathedral views

A better shot of the market where souvenirs and other small items were being sold.

Christchurch, New Zealand - Cathedral views

Looking out towards the northeast.

Christchurch, New Zealand - Cathedral views

Starring out towards the north down Colombo Street.

Christchurch, New Zealand - Cathedral views

Looking up-top towards the top of the tower from one of the balconies outside.

Christchurch, New Zealand - Cathedral views

The top of the tower from inside. I didn’t reference specific buildings because I’m not sure which ones are still standing or are badly damaged.

Christchurch, New Zealand - Cathedral views

The spire is long gone and Christchurch Cathedral as a whole is in the process of being deconstructed to a safe level. Earlier in the year for a short time they allowed people in to say their goodbyes to a national icon. A temporary “Cardboard Cathedral” will serve until a time when a new Christchurch Cathedral can be built. The city center is still closed.

The rebuilding in Christchurch will be in full swing before you know it and the town will be better than ever because of the resolve, heart, passion and friendliness of their people. I can’t wait to get back there. Some links to more resources on what’s currently happening:

More information on the Cardboard Cathedral.

Christchurch Cathedral – official site.

Aerial photos comparing CBD and other areas last year to now.

Up-to-date coverage on Christchurch Earthquake 2011.