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Te Henga (Bethells Beach) in New Zealand.

Just west of Auckland along the wild, rugged coast on the North Island is Te Henga (Bethells Beach). It sits where the Waitakere River flows into the Tasman Sea. The Maori named this beach Te Henga for the way the sand dunes are shaped.

Te Henga, Bethells Beach - New Zealand

It’s a bit of a walk to the beach and sea from the parking area. As your walking you’ll notice the volcanic sand right away. The beach sand gets its color from the black titanomangenite in the volcanic rocks that are carried by the coastal currents. When your walking you’ll see sand dudes along with quicksand danger signs. Wasn’t going to see if it really was quicksand and kept moving. 🙂

Te Henga, Bethells Beach, volcanic sand - New Zealand

As soon as you reach the beach and coastline you’re in awe.

Te Henga, Bethells Beach - New Zealand

Te Henga, Bethells Beach - New Zealand

It was a quiet summer afternoon during the week, but this is the time of year when people from Auckland flock to the area. It’s near the big city, but has the feeling of being remote. Taking windy, narrow roads to get to it adds to the feeling of going somewhere secluded.

Te Henga, Bethells Beach - New Zealand

Surfing is the most popular activity here. When swimming do so between the flags as the waters are a little rough. There are lifeguards in the summer months.

Te Henga, Bethells Beach - New Zealand

I became fascinated with all the green clams along the beach.

Te Henga, Bethells Beach, green clams - New Zealand

Some additional travel tips for planning a visit there: There are no gas stations in Bethells Beach so plan accordingly. Also, cell phone service is virtually non-existent.

It was a great afternoon trip over to Te Henga (Bethells Beach). It’s definitely a recommended stop when in and around Auckland. What coastal spots do you like around Auckland? In New Zealand?