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Knoxville: Volunteer Landing.

Spending a lot of time on I-75, I’m always passing by Knoxville, Tennessee. A few years back I decided to checkout the riverfront. Knoxville sits along the Tennessee River and I found a place to park around Volunteer Landing, their riverfront park. I immediately saw lot’s of photo and walking/running opportunities.

Volunteer Landing - Knoxville, Tennessee

Volunteer Landing - Knoxville, Tennessee

As you walk away from the main parking area you’ll immediately notice Gay Street Bridge. The steel bridge crosses over the Tennessee River to the south side of town. It’s the oldest bridge in the region, completed in 1898.

Volunteer Landing - Knoxville, Tennessee - Gay Street Bridge

I love how the bridge reflects off the water and adds even more green into the view.

Volunteer Landing - Knoxville, Tennessee - Gay Street Bridge, Tennessee River

Volunteer Landing - Knoxville, Tennessee - Gay Street Bridge, Tennessee River

There are lots of vehicles parked along the river. You don’t see many people outside. Chances are they are at Calhoun’s On The River. They are known for their barbecue and ribs.

Volunteer Landing - Knoxville, Tennessee - Calhoun's on the River

Grab a microbrew and relax on the outside deck along the riverfront.

Volunteer Landing - Knoxville, Tennessee - Calhoun's on the River

Volunteer Landing - Knoxville, Tennessee - Calhoun's on the River

Lot’s of Tennessee Orange everywhere. They love their Vols. Tennessee is the Volunteer State, named for everyone from Tennessee that volunteered for the War of 1812 and Mexican War.

Volunteer Landing - Knoxville, Tennessee - University of Tennessee Volunteer's Orange

This shot was taken a few years back heading southwest on the Landing. Directly above is the Hanley Street Bridge also crossing the river into South Knoxville. It was completed in 1931.

Volunteer Landing - Knoxville, Tennessee

This shot was taken a few weeks ago. You can see the Henley Street Bridge has no deck. It’s been under construction since 2011 and might take up to three years to completely remake it. Volunteer Landing is currently closed in that area.

Volunteer Landing - Knoxville, Tennessee - Henley Street Bridge - construction

Opposite the Henley Street Bridge and current construction is Neyland Stadium. Its home to the University of Tennessee Volunteers football team. It’s one of the biggest college football stadiums, trailing only Michigan (the University of) and Beaver (Penn State University) Stadiums. It was named after legendary Tennessee coach Robert Neyland. Walk a little further and you can see Thompson–Boling Arena, home to multiple sports teams, most notably the Lady Vols basketball team, winners of eight National Championships.

Volunteer Landing - Knoxville, Tennessee - Neyland Stadium

Walk in the opposite direction heading northeast from Calhoun’s along the river and you’ll wind up in the Treaty of Holston Park. You’ll immediately see the statue below signifying the signing of the Treaty of the Holston in 1791. In fact, as you walk around Volunteer Landing, you’ll also get a history lesson as there are facts about the area spread throughout, a lot of the messaging is on stones.

Volunteer Landing - Knoxville, Tennessee - Treaty of the Holston statue

As you continue walk northeast you’ll wind up in Bicentennial Park and beyond, as the trail keeps on going and going along the river.

Volunteer Landing - Knoxville, Tennessee - walking trails

I now always stop along the riverfront in Knoxville when passing through. Great scenery and photo opportunities, lot’s of areas to run and walk, lot’s of history and a great place to hangout at Calhoun’s On The River. Any experiences on the Tennessee River? What city riverfronts do you recommend checking out?